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Fundamental Principles for Success in a $5.5bn Business


I currently lead the Data & Analytics organisation for, the largest FinTech in Europe ($5.5 billion valuation, 750+ employees).

My main challenge: scaling this organisation.

This brings me to continuously reflect on Productivity, Management, and Leadership.

My professional expertise sits at the interface between FinTech, Data & Analytics, Product (B2B, SaaS), Organisation, and Strategy.


I am originally a theoretical math and physics guy, with a serious pinch of computer programming. I quickly realised that human beings were at least as interesting in their complexity as hard sciences, so I moved towards economics (macro, micro and econometrics) and quantitative finance, then into behavioural economics, management and strategy. Along the way, I studied molecular biology, evolutionary psychology, and evolution. Also studied Latin and Ancient Greek when I was younger.

One of my strongest convictions in life is that the more open-minded you are and the broader your knowledge coverage, the better you are at original thinking and problem-solving in any field. I can't count the number of times where I used some idea/method/perspective/knowledge from a field and applied it to another one. Not being smarter or inventing anything, just having a more versatile toolbox.

Another of my strongest convictions in life is that nothing replaces hard work – knowledge for knowledge might be fascinating, but only strong execution brings results.

I worked in Strategy Consulting, Asset Management, Product, and Data. I had my go at entrepreneurship as well. I have been teaching on the side each time the opportunity arose, from theoretical physics to cryptocurrencies.

I absolutely love learning. I spend most of my free time reading about eclectic topics and from various sources. I feel like I reached the stage where writing is the only way to really reach the next level in structuring my understanding and interact at a deep level with similar-minded people.